Tournament Master

Responsive Design System

Using the Tournament Master software could not be easier, regardless of what device you want to use there will be an option for you.

You could cast the clock from a laptop to a wide screen TV or use your mobile phone to run your home game or use a mixture of the two, however you want to use the software is up to you.

Comprehensive Blind Structure

You will have full access to the blind structure of your tournaments, right down to individually setting the duration of each level if you wanted to.

Set up as many levels as you need to create the perfect tournament for you.

No Download Required

Tournament Master runs directly in the browser, which means that you don't need to download an app to take advantage of it.

This also means that whatever operating system you are using the software will remain consistent, giving you the best user experience possible.

Customisable Graphics

We've made sure to make the software as user friendly as possible. This includes giving you complete control over the graphics of the clock without needing to change the display settings of your screen.

This includes changing, or removing, the background as well as making it darker or brighter. You can also increase and decrease the font size to make sure that all of your players can see what you need them to see.

Disconnection Prevention

Any tournaments that you start will be run on our server. If a crash, disconnection or any other potential interuption occurs the progress of your game will not be affected. A quick reload of the page will bring you back to where you were as if nothing had happened.

This setup also allows multiple instances of your account to access the same data, meaning that you can control the game from a different device that is showing the full screen clock.

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